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Reformer Pilates in Beaumaris


Our experienced Bayside Pilates instructors tailor individual exercise programs to suit your needs and goals.


Clinical Pilates is a unique form of exercise and is very different to your gym type Pilates. 

Pilates at SHG is a unique form of exercise and is very different to your gym type Pilates. Our instructors will tailor a specific program for your individual needs and teach you to use the exact muscles for functional movements and optimal posture. Pilates reconditions the body to increase strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and body awareness. It helps to prevent the re-occurance of, and treat, a range of musculoskeletal conditions.


At SHG our practitioners tailor a Pilates program specific to your individual needs, taking into consideration your fitness level and any pre-existing injuries. Our instructors will liaise with your Osteopath, Podiatrist or Health Care Practitioner to ensure you won’t aggravate your injury and to get the best results from your Pilates class.

As a result, you can expect your posture to change and you will move more efficiently. You’ll achieve a strong core, develop longer, leaner muscles and improve your overall sense of well-being. And, if you are a sports enthusiast, Pilates will also improve your performance.


Pilates at Seaview


Our new modern Pilates studio is fitted with state of the art equipment including the new Allegro 2 reformers (from Balanced Body), trapeze table, Wunda chair, cable machine, as well as other useful Pilates tools and equipment.



Who will benefit from Clinical Pilates

No matter your age or fitness level, you can be assured that our experienced instructors will tailor a personalised class that includes exercises that are suitable to continue at home. They will regularly liaise with your referring practitioner and keep the classes interesting by introducing new equipment and varied exercises. 

Our small class sizes ensure that you will receive personalised attention and constant supervision to avoid the risk of injury.

Before you start

On your Initial Consultation, your Osteo/Physio/EP will conduct a full Functional Screen and Clinical Assessment, taking into account your history, lifestyle, work and recreational activities and general health.

Before undertaking any action, your practitioner will give you a detailed diagnosis and explain their recommended course of treatment for your condition, whether it be starting with some individual sessions, or moving straight into a group class. It may also involve some clinical based treatment. Your practitioner may prescribe techniques or exercises that you can do at home, by yourself, in-between visits.

You will need to wear warm, comfortable clothes that allow the Osteo/Physio/EP to perform their assessments.


Benefits of Clinical Pilates

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and tone; particularly “core” muscles
  • Improved physical co-ordination and balance
  • Posture correction
  • Correction of body mechanics and muscle imbalances that may underlie injuries
  • Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Enhanced overall athletic performance

We offer a variety of session types including Private and Duet Classes, Group Clinical Pilates Classes and Group Mat classes.



Pilates programs are claimable through most private health funds under ‘well-being’ or ‘healthier lifestyle’ policies. Please bring the appropriate form from your health insurer for your referring practitioner to complete so that you can claim.

For further information regarding private health fund rebates for Pilates, please give us a call at SHG.


48 hours notice is required for all cancellations, otherwise a late cancellation fee, being the full session charge shall apply.


Pilates Classes

Initial Assessment:

  • Initial Pilates Assessment $90

All new Pilates clients at SHG are required to have an Initial 1:1 session with an Osteopath / Physiotherapist / Exercise Physiologist prior to joining a group class. The information provided in this Assessment will allow our instructors to tailor a specific Pilates program to cater for your needs.

The Initial Assessment will take up to one hour. This will involve taking a Medical History as well as a Functional Screen, where your posture, flexibility and movement patterns will be assessed. We will also introduce you to the basic Pilates concepts and exercises. After this assessment we can decide if a group or individual class will suit you best.

Private (1:1) 45min

  • Block of 10 $800

  • Single class $80

Perfect for someone wanting to get the most out of their Pilates class. Ideal for those patients who require more time and instruction for their injury rehabilitation.

* Please contact the clinic for bookings

Duet (2:1)

(prices are for two people)

  • Block of 10 $1200

  • Single class $140

A more personal option where your specific needs are our focus. Perfect for couples and family members.

*Please contact the clinic for bookings

Small Group

(up to 4 clients per Instructor)

  • Block of 10 $370

  • Single class $42

The small class size ensures our clients receive a level of attention second to none. Small group classes are a great ‘money saver’ option where your specific needs remain our focus.

Why not get a few friends together to work on your individual goals?

Classes are available early mornings, lunch time and after work Monday to Friday. We are also available on Saturday mornings. So there will be a time to suit you!

>> Download our Class Schedule

Mat Class

(up to 7 clients per Instructor)

  • Block of 10 $225

  • Single class $25