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Remedial Massage in Beaumaris


Our renowned Bayside Massage Therapist offers the best in pregnancy massage, sports massage, and relaxation massage.


relaxation massage: 

Stress can be one of the major factors that prevents healing, for example, headaches caused by clenching your teeth. A relaxation massage will reduce muscle tension and even help you to sleep better.


sports massage: 

Ideal for helping you run that extra few kilometers by loosening up the muscles around your hips and calves. Tightness in your mid back restricting your golf swing? A sports massage aimed at working on the muscles in your upper back and shoulders can assist with improving your rotation.

pregnancy MASSAGE: 

Hormonal and biomechanical changes to the body during pregnancy can cause pain particularly in the lower back and hip region. Massage to release these areas will ease these symptoms and allow you to move and sleep more comfortably. At SHG we have pregnancy pillows that will allow you to lie face down for your massage, or if you would prefer, you can lie on your side.



At SHG, the massage services are provided by Peter Jeffrey and Emily Van de Water.

Our massage therapists take time to interact daily with the other practitioners at SHG to discuss your specific treatment plan, therefore if you also see one of the Osteopaths or are doing Pilates class with us, it will ensure that they have a detailed background and understanding of your condition.



  • Reduces stress levels

  • Improves circulation and can lower blood pressure

  • Increase flexibility

  • Reduce your risk of injury

  • Reduce occurance and severity of headaches

  • Improve posture

  • Enhance post-operative tissue repair

  • Improve the quality of your sleep


Pete and Emily are registered through the various health funds, so if you have ‘massage’ covered under your insurance then you will be able to claim their service on the spot. No matter your age or fitness level you are sure to benefit from regular massage.