Osteo for Pregnancy

Over the course of a pregnancy, a woman’s body must be able to adapt to both the stuctural & hormonal changes that occur to accommodate a growing baby. The gradual increase in weight causes a shift in the body's centre of gravity and this exaggerates the normal spinal curves. The release of hormones softens the supporting ligaments & muscles of the pelvis. These changes place added stress particularly on the low back and pelvis. Any old injuries, underlying muscle tightness, joint restriction or pelvic instability will impair a womans ability to adapt to these changes and may result in pain & discomfort.


Lower & mid back, buttock & leg pain (sciatica), are some of the most common complaints associated with pregnancy. Osteopathic treatment and advice provides help by maximising the body’s ability to adapt to the growing baby. 

Treatment is important at the following stages:


To lay the groundwork for a more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy by resolving any pre-existing injuries.

During pregnancy 

To help the body adapt to the postural demands of the growing baby. Maximising pelvic mobility can also help to minimise the chances of a problematic labour.


To help the woman recover from the birth. Treatment is aimed at gently easing sore and tired muscles and rebalancing the pelvis. Osteopathy can also help relieve back pain from breast feeding and lifting the baby.

Is it safe to have Osteo treatment during pregnancy?


Osteopathy has one of the best safety records of any medically related profession. Treatment techniques are extremely gentle and are carefully selected for each individual.

Many new mothers consult an osteopath following the birth in order to correct any possible musculo-skeletal imbalances that may have been the result of a difficult labour.