Osteo and Seniors

The musculo-skeletal system is greatly affected by the ageing process. Gradually over the years our muscles lose their tone & our bones lose their strength. The elasticity within the body deteriorates thereby increasing our risk of injury. Our ability to heal is also affected.

The effects of ageing on the body's structures can lead to:

  • Chronic postural strain
  • Wear & tear on your hips & knees
  • Tendon injuries, particularly in the shoulder
  • Neck pain & Headaches
  • Generalised wear & tear causing stiffness & muscle pain


Many people with wear and tear (or arthritis) in their joints, even those waiting for hip or knee replacements, are not aware of the relief osteopathic treatment can provide.

The pain is caused as the cartilage, or padding between the bones, begins to wear away and the muscles around the affected joint tighten up to protect it from further damage. Osteopathic treatment gently relieves this muscle tightness, which lessens the pressure on the joint. This reduces the pain in the area and improves the mobility of the joint.

Treatment will also involve ensuring that other parts of the body are working well to minimise the stress on the damaged joint. As Osteopathic treatment is all about physical fine-tuning, it can help people of any age, with a wide range of problems.