8 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Do you want to lose 5 -10kgs, and learn how to build healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits? Join our 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge and see the results you’ve been looking for.

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Initial Assessment: During an initial assessment, our Exercise Physiologist, Trav, will conduct a body composition test, take before photos to monitor your progress throughout the Challenge, and help you to set realistic and attainable goals. He will also collect your medical history to ensure your safety during the Challenge.

Under Trav’s expert guidance, you will participate in 2 – 3 personal training sessions per week, in which you will focus on full-body exercises, to ensure you get the most from each session.

Physical Training: Depending on your availability and individual needs, you will commit to either two or three personal training sessions per week with Trav. These can either be 1:1 sessions, or you can choose to bring a friend along as well. Sessions are allocated during the initial assessment to ensure continuity in your training, and to help create healthy exercise patterns. Each personal training session will last for 30 minutes, and will be individually tailored to your needs.

Transformation Challenge Manual: Each participant will receive a copy of the Transformation Challenge Manual. This 24-page guide will give you the information needed to sustainably achieve your goals. It focuses on the three key factors for success, which include training, nutrition and lifestyle, which are widely recognized as the most essential pieces of the puzzle for achieving body transformation goals. This guide will teach you how to incorporate them into your life, to ensure sustainable success long after the Challenge has finished.

Transformation Recipe Book: 70% of body transformation is linked to food intake, so each participant will receive an e-book with over 30 healthy recipes to help transform their eating habits, as well as their body. All recipes are easy to prepare, tasty and full of nutrition. Substitute options will also be provided to ensure meals can be catered to different tastes and dietary requirements. In conjunction with the recipe e-book, participants will also receive a Meal Compliance Form to help monitor their healthy eating patterns.

Additional Resources: In addition to the above resources, participants will also receive a comprehensive Habit and Accountability Tracking Sheet, to help identify unhealthy lifestyle habits and reward new healthier ones. They will also receive travel exercise guides to help participants sustainably maintain healthy eating and exercise habits whilst on holidays, as well as an Advanced Progression Checklist to maintain and further maximise results once a plateau is hit.

Motivation: Participants will receive membership to a private Facebook group, where they can share their successes and lean on fellow Challengers for support and motivation. They will also receive daily emails from Trav, with motivational mantras and additional tips to help keep them on track to reaching their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Price & Bookings: If you want to improve the way you look and feel, now is the time to get started! Summer bodies are built in winter, so book your place in the 8 Week Challenge and get summer-ready.

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For more information or to reserve your place, please call our Receptionists on (03) 9589 7815 or email

The Fine Print: Payment for the 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge must either be paid as one lump sum in advance, or by weekly direct debit. Payment may not be made weekly by Eftpos, credit card or cash.

Participants who sign up to the 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge agree to attend either two or three personal training sessions per week, depending on the Challenge type purchased. If participants are unable to attend one of their sessions in any given week, it is their responsibility to schedule an alternative session, or will otherwise forfeit their session for that week. Sessions cannot be carried over into additional weeks once the 8 weeks have passed.