4 Exercises To Improve Upper/Mid Back (Thoracic) Posture & Movement

4 Exercises To Improve Upper/Mid Back (Thoracic) Posture & Movement


  1. While some people do present with a thoracic spine (upper/mid back) that is extended (flat/over-arched), most people present to the clinic with too much thoracic flexion (pronounced upper back)
  2. Poor thoracic posture and position can potentially cause / lead to various upper body musculoskeletal issues. 
  3. Poor thoracic posture typically decreases performance in overhead positions and movements (i.e chin-ups, overhead press) and many sports (golf/tennis, just to name a few) due to a lack of range of motion in the area and compensations in other areas.
  4. You can do a basic assessment to get an idea if you need more mobility in your thoracic spine
  5. While there are many exercises, the 4 in this blog post have worked well for me in the clinic.

Sleeping positions to help you get a better night's rest

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, lack of sleep is associated with mental illness, road deaths, and reduced productivity costing an estimated $5 billion the Australian economy each year. With such huge costs, both physical and economic, it is imperative that we get a good nights sleep.

The table below outlines the best sleeping positions for people with certain conditions, and also provides some handy tips for improving your sleeping posture. 

To download a PDF copy of this document, click here.

Seaview Health Group_Sleeping Positions
Seaview Health Group_Sleeping Positions 2