Cathryn Leszczynski

Cathryn is a qualified Osteopath and Pilates instructor who loves to learn! She also loves to impart what she learns on to her patients to help them understand how their bodies work best to achieve anything their day throws at them. Working in a number of private practice based Osteopathic clinics and Pilates studios over the past decade Cathryn enjoys the challenge of creating programs and treatment plans for all ages and abilities whether it be improving balance and keeping people moving in their later years or assisting elite athletes to improve strength and performance. Cathryn also works in the corporate sector doing ergonomic work and the recreation industry and has a keen interest in improving everyday peoples activity levels through the use of exercise rehabilitation. Cathryn has a firm belief that all exercise plans should be tailored to the individual; they should encourage patient self-management and most importantly that they should be fun!

Kelly Dovey

Kelly is a clinical Pilates instructor and allied health assistant, with a background in personal training and exercise therapy. She began her training in 2007, working alongside a Paralympic physiotherapist, and eventually completed a Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training, and a Diploma of Professional Clinical Pilates Instruction. She has also completed training in chronic pain management and life coaching. With her extensive background in fitness and high impact sports, Kelly is well versed in effectively promoting core stability and postural correction. She is passionate about increasing the mobility, mechanical function and wellbeing of her clients, and uses Pilates to help them achieve and sustain these goals. 

Meagan Davis

Meagan is a Physiotherapist who specialises in the assessment and treatment of lower limb injuries, with particular interest in hip and groin pain. Meagan also has a specialist interest in tailoring specific exercise programs for prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. These programs are specific and are designed to enhance strength and maximize peak physical condition. In treating plenty of athletes from Tennis schools to national level swimmers and all levels of ability with running, she has specialist knowledge in the management of lower limb Tendonopathies, which allows her to apply these principles to people of any age.

Claire Barker-Hemings

Claire has been involved in teaching dance and fitness for over 20 years. During her career she has taught almost everything in fitness from dance to circuits. In recent years she has specialised in aquatic training and Pilates instruction. Claire started her Pilates career in the UK and on arrival in Australia continued her training firstly with Positive Action Pilates then she trained with Polestar Pilates gaining her Diploma in Pilates and more recently has trained with Fletcher Pilates. Claire believes that you never stop learning and attends conferences and workshops on a regular basis as well as attending her own regular practise a trainer.