Travis English


As a highly accredited Exercise Physiologist Travis specialises in providing evidence based exercise programs for treatment, prevention and management of acute and chronic injuries and medical conditions.

Travis recently returned from the United States where he was part of a select group asked to partake in an internship with world renowned ‘Cressey Performance’, a specialised Strength and Conditioning facility, coaching multiple elite athletes.

Travis’s philosophy is to provide optimal client care whilst utilising his extensive experience in exercise prescription and management of chronic and complex conditions to improve health and performance. His previous experience as a personal trainer has provided him with the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients who have different fitness abilities and long term goals. His interests include identifying movement dysfunction, health coaching and behavioural modification – as he believes education is the key to optimal success.  

Travis believes his ability to apply the latest evidence-based research relating to injury rehabilitation, prevention and peak performance, will provide the best possible outcomes for all clients at Seaview Health Group.

Georgie Davies

White Tiger Creative, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia