Jarrad Matheson

Jarrad graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry from La Trobe University in 2011. As a valued member at Seaview Health Group, he will provide clients with the latest developments in Podiatry research and techniques. Jarrad is well known for being the first podiatrist to design specialised orthotics for sprinters, which has seen immediate improvements in performance.

Jarrad has a passion for exposing athletes to their untapped potential by improving their foot and gait mechanics. This is achieved by comprehensive analysis of your gait and foot biomechanics, strength and conditioning programs and biomechanical aids. He is able to take your performance from good to the elite. 

In addition to his private practice work, Jarrad has provided high-risk diabetics with appropriate wound care and diabetic foot health education at the Monash Medical Centre.

Jarrad is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association (Vic) and Sports Medicine Australia. He has a keen interest in sport, playing football within the VFL for 6 years and has represented his athletics club at state level. Competing at a high level for a number of years has been invaluable in addressing injury management and improving performance through correct structural alignment.

Jarrad’s detailed assessment and his comprehensive understanding of biomechanical dysfunctions, makes him a favourite with patients of all ages. Jarrad looks forward to assisting you with your foot and lower limb concerns.

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