Muscle aches and pain after sport?

Do you make time to look after your own body?


Emily Van de Water

Beaumaris Sharks player and SHG Massage Therapist

Playing football with Beaumaris Sharks this year has really opened my eyes into the benefits of regular servicing for your own body. All through my studies (Remedial Massage and now Myotherapy) they tell you about the benefits of regular stretching and massage. As much as you listen and try to take it all in, it’s hard to fully comprehend without physically experiencing or seeing it in action yourself.


I’ve never felt such stiffness and pain as I have every Sunday morning after going straight to bed after a football game. Every week I would tell myself I will stretch next time, yet every week I would go straight to bed. Until one week, when I dragged my tired body over to the roller and foam mat and I stretched out my legs, arms and back, it only took me about 20 minutes and you know what? The next morning I felt 80% better than every other week!


I had the information given to me, but I was always making excuses. Now every week I take 20 minutes after a game to stretch the muscles I’ve used, to help my recovery. Now I wake up the next day and I don’t feel broken!


 Whether you are an elite athlete or a champion Netflix watcher, everyone should take at least a couple of minutes every day to think about how they could be looking after their own bodies. It could be stretching, getting a massage, eating more veggies, dropping down on a glass of wine or going for a walk with the dog.


Regular Massage is great way to take care of your body and for those weekend warriors it can help improve your recovery. You don’t need to have a massage every day or even every week, it could be once a month. Semi-regular massage may be what it takes to get rid of those uncomfortable kinks that build up from working at a desk or sitting on the train everyday. Massage doesn’t have to be a once a year luxury item. Massage is great for all ages and of all fitness levels.


As a remedial massage therapist myself, I am constantly thrilled to see regular and new clients walking out feeling significantly better than when they came in. I am now one of those regular massage clients myself.


 I challenge you all to do one thing this week…to look after your own body. Book in for a massage, take the dog for a walk or stretch out those sore muscles. Trust me it’s worth it!