How can your Osteopath help during Pregnancy?

Are you experiencing pregnancy related low-back pain and pelvic pain which interferes with work, daily activities and sleep?

Research suggests ‘more than two-thirds of pregnant women experience low-back pain and almost one-fifth experience pelvic pain,’ according to the research article Interventions for preventing and treating pelvic and back pain in pregnancy by Victoria Pennick and Sarah D Liddle.

Find out more about the symptoms associated with pregnancy and how our Osteopaths at Seaview Health Group can help you to manage them:



o   This is common during and after pregnancy which can be due to increased laxity of ligaments around the pelvis spine.

o   It can also be due to changes in the position of the pelvis. The pelvis can tip forward, which will put additional stress on the pubic symphysis and sacro-iliac joint (between your spine and pelvis).

o   This in turn can also put more pressure through the lower back and gluteal muscles.

o   Tightness through the gluteal muscles can lead to inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which can cause symptoms of numbness, tingling, pain and weakness through the lower extremity



o   Postural changes, increased laxity in ligaments, change in centre of gravity and a larger bust size can all contribute to upper back pain



o   This can occur as the uterus and baby increase in size and push up under the diaphragm and rib cage

o   Pregnant women can often experience shortness of breath and heartburn associated with rib pain



o   Tingling and numbness in the hands can occur due to swelling in the carpel tunnel (which is the bony canal formed by the bones in the wrist).

o   One of the nerves that supplies your fingers called the median nerve passes through the canal. The swelling that occurs during pregnancy can compress the nerve resulting in pins and needles in the hands, weakness in the thumb and a dull ache in the hands and arms.

These are just some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy that our Osteopaths see here at Seaview Health Group in Beaumaris.


Our Osteopaths will offer you a holistic approach involving assessing your spinal and pelvic alignment, relieving upper and lower back pain with gentle mobilisation and soft tissue massage as well as prescribing self-help techniques for you to do at home.

Our main objective is to improve the body’s ability to manage the changes throughout pregnancy in order to minimise associated pain and discomfort.

To make an appointment with one of our practitioners please call the clinic on 9589 7815 or Book Online to discuss any questions you may have and determine whether Osteopathic treatment is for you during pregnancy.